Undocumented Immigrant Rebuilds Life

CNN|Added on March 1, 2013
U.S. government unexpectedly releases immigration detainees before budget cuts. CNN’s Ed Lavandera talks to one of them.

ICIE Founder, Ralph Isenberg was interviewed by CNN about the new “budget cut” for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Mr. Isenberg is an immigration advocate that fights for the rights of foreign nationals. In the interview Mr. Isenberg said, “this controversy   is casting the light on a broken system.” He concluded by saying “they have hundreds of people locked up that aren’t supposed to be locked up, and they don’t want to get the public scrutiny of it. So do you get rid of them? Well lets let them out and call it a budget crunch.”


People come to ICIE as “a resort of last hope” because the system has failed, and as a result, someone is facing a wrongful deportation. Since our founding in 2011, ICIE has helped hundreds of deserving families, and provides all services pro bono. The organization deals with the entire family unit, from teaching the basic fundamentals behind community service, to English education, to individualized counseling to build positive mental health. To donate to a fund that will allow ICIE to hire a staff attorney, please click here. Your support is appreciated!

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